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Book A Picnic Lounge

Skip the traditional sofa and coffee table lounge. Opt for a more trendy, and fun,  picnic style lounge. Great as an add on to any cocktail event. Our picnic lounge package makes for a great photo op and with everything included, all you really need to add are the food and booze. 

What's included:

  • Beverage bar (dispensers available upon request)

  • Dessert bar and stands (dessert not included)

  • Boho round tables for party of 12 (3 round tables)

  • Round woven rugs and 18x18 pillows

  • Picnic baskets for each table includes appeizer plates, silverware, napkins, wine glasses, and corkscrew

  • Backdrop Panel with shelves (Champgne/favor wall)

  • Fresh flowers for each table and bar

  • Matching Cornhole (available for customization upon request)

  • Food Table with white linen (If needed)

  • Bluetooth speaker available upon request


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