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Picnic Gala
All Inclusive Picnic Package

Backyard Picnic, Beach Picnic, or Picnic at the park...

Our all inclusive luxury modern boho pop-up picnic package 

Will make things easier for you! Planning an event can be timely, especially if you have a crazy hectic schedule as is. That is where we come in, we will plan the layout and the designs for you. Share with us your mood board and let us do the rest.

So, let's have some fun!!!
Picnic Lounge
Picnic Lounge
Skip the traditional sofa and coffee table lounge. Opt for a more trendy and fun style, picnic lounge. Great as an add on to any cocktail event.
Modern Luxury Picnic
Luxury Picnic
Casual yet more formal than the lounge. Seating for every guest.

All of our packages includes

  • Picnic tables (lounge or luxury picnic)

  • Rugs 

  • Pillows

  • Beverage Bar

  • Dessert Bar

  • Cornhole

  • Champagne/Favor wall

  • Fresh floral arrangements to match your style and color palette

  • Table settings (Lounge includes picnic baskets)

  • Planning

We offer varities of services from Luxury Picnic, boho picnic, pop-up picnic, all inclusive picnic, beach picnic. Also offer Picnics near me, picnic at the park, event planners, orange county, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, and modern picnic. 

Let's start planning your event!!
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